About EarlyRun Ventures

At EarlyRun, we believe that through disciplined focus on measurable results, a business can grow aggressively giving all interested parties a higher-than-average return on their investment. As an award winning entrepreneurial team, we understand the ins-and-outs of starting, growing and harvesting a company. We feel that now is an ideal time to invest in and engage with innovation entrepreneurial endeavors.

As support of this, we refer to a recently released report by Ernst and Young. The report, titled Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The Keys to Global Economic Recovery states:

  • Recessions tend to favor the naturally innovative temperament of an innovative mind. Historically, entrepreneurs have thrived in recessions, and helped to bring about a return to economic health.
  • The market leaders of today are not necessarily the market leaders of tomorrow.
  • Innovation is often disruptive, yet it is critical to maintaining and sustaining market leadership. Strong organizations embrace this and make it a part of their corporate culture.
  • Entrepreneurship is not about size; rather, it’s a state of mind.
  • Government policies can play a big role in encouraging entrepreneurial growth. Free flows of capital, labor and ideas benefit innovators, as does an educated populace.

“Entrepreneurship and innovation inherently thrive in downturns; in fact, some of the world’s largest companies were born during a recession,” said James S. Turley, Global Chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young. “In times like these, it’s especially evident that entrepreneurial thinking isn’t optional. It’s more than a buzz word – it’s a business strategy.”

Our team is continually looking at ideas, teams and innovation in which to invest in.

We invite you to submit an executive summary to us by email for evaluation.