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Since inception, EarlyRun has made operating and strategic investments in concepts, startups and established companies. Our strategy is to find synergies between investments or regional collaborators. Some of the organizations that EarlyRun has invested in over the course of time are:

  • Monnit Wireless Sensors (Salt Lake City, UT) – creator of high quality, low cost wireless sensors and monitoring services
  • BNR Ideas (Salt Lake City, UT) – creator of innovative devices for outdoor enthusiasts
  • TRT Technology (Salt Lake City, UT) – creator of advanced wireless technologies
  • IXD (Kaysville, UT) – creator of unique and novel interactive drink technologies
  • SPSense (Kaysville, UT) – designer of advanced sensors for ergonomic tracking
  • Symmetry (Kaysville, UT) – innovator in wireless device design
  • * SEED Utah (Northern Utah) – Entrepreneurial development organization focused on Davis, Weber and Morgan Counties, Utah.
  • * NorthFront Entrepreneurial Alliance – Regional association of entrepreneurs dedicated to networking and collaborating for advancement of entrepreneurism
  • * Kaysville Inventors’ Club – Open, free flowing forum for networking and brainstorming of innovations
  • ** Xbar Ventures LLC (Orem, UT) - Technology Investing & Consulting

  *denotes non-profit entity
**denotes affiliate investment partners