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In today’s business environment, being the best means being more productive and more creative than the competition.

Of course, being creative means coming up with something that is better than the status quo offering, i.e. the “category killer” or, better yet, coming up with that which no one else has – the “category maker”.

At EarlyRun, our core competency is the assessment and execution of leading edge technologies. This includes market analysis, research, development, protecting via patents, copyrights and trademarks and productizing of novel ideas.

We are dedicated to the creation and protection of technology. Because of that, we are continually looking for PEOPLE who have ideas that can become the next big technology. We are also very interested in those who want to work on creative projects that are BETTER than what is in the marketplace.

Our current list of technology projects are:

  • high precision RF ranging (distance calculation)
  • technology enhanced interactive children's game
  • 6LoWPAN (low power wireless personal area networks) sensor networks
  • SaaS-Widget development platforms

Feel free to forward on to us your ideas for consideration of backing or your resume if you are interested in working with us.